CitizenMP:IV I love LC Freeroam Server

Hello and welcome to CitizenMP:IV I LC Freeroam Server !

This server is open to every players who like drive, stunt, hunt, kill... For fun !

It will be subject to be away improved.

Every months, a new special vehicle gonna be hidden somewhere in Liberty City and purposed to find as a "Challenge".

Get it, take a screenshot, and post it @ or @ Discord.

By the way, once discovered, this vehicle will be definitely available by using /veh command.

If not discovered at the ending date, the vehicle will be not available anyway.

Also, some minor changes are and gonna be spread through Liberty City, get them and have fun !

As you feel, same than for the challenge, take a screenshot and post it in here.

You may also post any screenshots and videos you took about this server on the dedicated topic for.

If you don't see I LC Freeroam Server in Serverlist/Masterlist...


So, join in, and see you there !




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